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Innovation, Experience and Passion

Designed with hyperCAD-S.

Programmed with hyperMILL.

Manufactured on a 5 axis machine from CMS.

Materials used:

  • eposilica resin with glass fiber added
  • oak wood for rims and handlebar
  • leather saddle and grips
  • front forks in carbon fiber


hyperCAD-S in Images

Practical analytical functions

hyperCAD S Analyse

The analytical functions allow draft areas and highly complex geometries to be located quickly and reliably. This makes it possible to assess the quality of a given component immediately.


Standard preparation for milling

hyperCAD S Fraesvorbereitung

It is easy to create frequently required building, extension, machining and stop faces in a structured manner. This is also the case with trim and guide curves as well as construction aids, planes and axis systems.


Planar and non-planar fill faces

hyperCAD S Fuellflaechen

Faces that are to be filled can be automatically closed – at face edges as well.


Keyword navigation

hyperCAD S TAGs

Graphic elements can be linked using tags, similar to keywords. This makes it easy to filter all of the information about the CAD model. For example: ‘all faces with a radius of 2 and 20 mm’.

hyperCAD-S FAQ

Can you provide information on the CAD core and operating system?

The CAD core of hyperCAD-S is an in-house development of Open Mind. The hyperCAD-S CAD software is only available as a 64-bit application.

Can hyperCAD data be used in hyperCAD-S?

hyperCAD-S has a hyperCAD interface for this purpose: All CAD data as well as entity properties, such as layer or colours, and all CAM data, such as the job list, can be imported. However, there is no downward compatibility between hyperCAD-S and hyperCAD, that is, data generated in hyperCAD-S cannot be opened with hyperCAD.

What interfaces does hyperCAD-S offer?

hyperCAD-S was designed as an open software system. This is why the new CAD system from OPEN MIND comes with an extensive package of interfaces.

IGES, STEP, Parasolid, point cloud and hyperCAD are standard. CATIA V4 and V5, Siemens NX, PTC Creo 2.0 and Solidworks are optional.

IGES, STEP, STL and point cloud

Is the SpaceMouse supported?

hyperCAD-S supports the SpaceMouse from 3dconnexion.


Inside hyperCAD-S

An interview with Roberto Ciarloni, Technical Director at Open Mind CAD CAM Technologies Italia S.r.l.

Please tell us more about the new CAD system hyperCAD-S.

Finally a CAD package targeted towards the requirements of CAM users. We now have a truly integrated CAD-CAM solution as both environments were created and developed together in response to the requirements and issues of thousands of Open Mind customers. Previously, the two environments exchanged data with a limited degree of integration using the customary interface. We now have a single environment that shares the database and functionality right from the very start.

Furthermore, features in previous CAD applications were almost always designed with the require­ments of the designer in mind, despite the fact that the actual operators may see things quite differently and require functionality that speaks their own language.

Open Mind is known in the market for its CAM software package, so what drove it to develop a CAD platform?

We ought to explain that we are presenting a CAD product that is strongly targeted towards CAM users. Open Mind does not intend to develop general purpose design software. The objective of the company is to offer a quality professional package. We certainly do not want to enter a 3D design software market that is already saturated with well-known inter­national companies.

What does the product development mean for the integration process of CAD and CAM?

We were able to take advantage of the simultaneous development of the new version of our CAM system hyperMILL and the next generation hyperCAD-S software. By carrying out this work simultaneously, we were able to redesign the entire workflow needed to define the tool flows in the CAD model and further define the data and functions needed to optimise work and achieve superior results. It goes without saying that Open Mind continues to support the inte­gration of hyperMILL with other CAD tools such as Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor.

What about the interoperability of hyperCAD-S?

One of Open Mind’s main objectives was to implement a software package compatible with the main CAD programs currently on the market. hyperCAD-S can be interfaced with models created with PTC Creo, Siemens PLM Solutions NX, Dassault Systémes Catia, Solidworks software etc. It can be completely integrated both with respect to formats and geometric data and features.

Please summarise hyperCAD-S in a final statement.

hyperCAD-S code was created from scratch utilising twenty-first century archi­tecture and components, free of legacy technology. Open Mind's CAD software is therefore in a better position to support 64-bit multi-core CPUs and the GPUs in the new graphics cards. It is also based on an SQL database and supports Asian languages. In short, it is a modern archi­tec­ture both in terms of the hardware and the software.

Make the switch to hyperCAD-S

CAM Part

Unique. Customised. Lightning-fast.

Only a CAM developer can do CAD for CAM.

It is against this background that Open Mind developed a CAD system that is ideally matched to hyperMILL. As a CAD system developed by the CAM specialist, hyperCAD-S comes with unique, CAM-specific functions and thus forms a new standard among CAD systems.

The traditional CAD tasks for CAM programmers.

Selecting, inserting, deleting, modifying, showing and hiding points, curves and faces. Generating ruled, filling and offset faces that must always meet the highest standards of quality. The customised CAD solution hyperCAD-S contains everything that a CAM programmer needs today to work.

Short paths during CAM programming.

Consistently implemented 64-bit technology and the powerful CAD core allow for lightning-fast transition to the CAM area. Direct access to all CAD functions has a noticeable effect on the overall performance of the CAD/CAM system. This allows CAM programmers to get the most out of their machines in even less time.

hyperCAD-S Profile

hyperCAD S Monitor

Easier. Faster. Better.

Innovative from the core.

Conventional CAD systems only understand the basics like ‘Face’ and ‘Line’, but no subtypes. hyperCAD-S was redesigned from scratch, which is why innovation starts from the system core. It contains different entity types for lines and faces, such as cylindrical, level, free-form, rotary and other faces. The advantage: In NC programming, for example, all cylindrical faces – i.e., all drill holes, also with specific diameters – can be combined elegantly and processed effectively with drilling strategies. By the way, the toolpaths of the CAM system hyperMILL, too, are defined as separate entity types in the core, for example, for measurement or representation in different colours.

Intelligent architecture.

hyperCAD-S was designed for Windows. The software’s performance is top-notch thanks to a 64-bit operating system, multi-threading and a multiple document interface – for large data volumes and multiple computations. Several models can be processed and calculated inde­pen­dently of each other at the same time. The new database offers intelligent entity management. Tool paths, polygon networks, point clouds, rectangles – workflows are greatly accelerated by shifting the most common CAM-related entities to the CAD core. Apart from known filters, such as for layers and colours, it is also possible to filter according to geometric, system-based and user-defined properties.

New user interface.

Graphically modern and user-friendly is how the new, very clearly arranged, user interface presents itself – for learning how to use hyperCAD-S quickly. The screen can be arranged freely so as to accommodate several monitors. Window elements can be docked and floated freely. Very important for CAM users: hyperCAD-S supports any number of freely definable workplanes, which can be saved with transformation/rotation data and can be selected as a reference. Self-explanatory icons make working with the software intuitive from the very start. Since many operator terminals in production are equipped with touch screens, toolbars and commands can also be operated via the touch screen.


hyperCAD S Monitor 2

hyperCAD-S CAD Software

hyperCAD S top

hyperCAD-S is Open Mind's very own CAD solution for CAM users, developed from the ground up.

With hyperCAD-S, Open Mind has created a CAD application specifically designed for the tasks of an NC programmer. Compared with other CAD systems, hyperCAD-S has a significantly expanded core, including, for example, all of the common toolpaths used in CAM programming. Other highlights of this CAD solution for CAM users include 64-bit architecture, a clearly structured user interface and a comprehensive collection of interfaces.

This groundbreaking CAD/CAM integration enables more efficient CAD processes and unrestricted CAM programming. The hyperMILL CAM software benefits directly from hyperCAD-S and its unprecedented functional scope.


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