Mazak Smooth MPP

Once the production schedule is input, operation will be performed automatically.


smooth mpp


Production results, system utilization and other data can be checked on the MAZATROL SmoothX CNC.

If connected to a network (prepared by user), system data are accessible on office PCs, tablets and smart phones.

Mazak Smooth PMC

Smooth PMC is the software to schedule automatic operation/control of FMS [Modular Tech Manufacturing Cell] by Mazak.


smooth pmc 



pmc controller


This corresponds to production variation flexibly since real time simulation is capable.

Confirm Schedule and Operation Status by the Smooth PMC Controller.

Intuitive operation thanks to touch panel.

In addition, when connected to a network, operation status is available on a PC, tablet and smartphone.*

*Satellite software is required in order to confirm progress from portable terminals, other PCs, etc


pmc screen


Display of Machine Operation Status/Production Results

Current status of workpieces at loading stations and those being machined.
Production results display.

Simulation Screen

Simulation is performed for required tools, machine load and production output during automatic operation based on current schedule/machine status.
Simulation visualization - maximum one week ahead.

Display of Required Tools List

Generates the list of tools required for future scheduled operation for convenient tool preparation

Display of Tools not Required

List of tools not required.
Convenient indication to operator of what tools can be removed from a machine’s magazine.

Result Display

Predicted load on machines and loading stations is displayed based on the current status.
Production result is also displayed for analysis.


pmc screen 2

Display of Operation Result for One Week


pmc screen 3

Machining Analysis

Mazak Smooth Tool Management

Designed to efficiently handle the large amount of data required for tool management in a machine shop.


smooth tool management


Minimize the time searching for tools in a machine shop and registering tool data resulting in faster tool setup times.

Eliminate manual errors of inputting tool data into each CNC unit to realize higher productivity.

Centralized Control of All Tool Data in a Factory

Check the status of tools in the magazine of all machines over the network.

Tool Data Entry by Tool Presetter

Tool diameter and tool length measurement results from Tool Presetter are entered into tool data database.

Tool Management by Using Tool ID

By reading tool ID, the corresponding data for each tool can be transferred to each CNC system.


tool management


Advanced tool setup thanks to capability of determining required tools ahead of time.

By utilizing results of the Smooth Scheduler and the Smooth CAM RS , the system can determine the required tools in advance

Mazak Smooth Monitor

Monitors machine operation status by connecting machines in a factory over a computer network.


smooth monitor


By analyzing accumulated operation results, overall factory productivity can be improved.


Accurate Operation Rate

Machining Optimization

Machining Optimization


Trend Chart

Operation Trend Chart


Machines Status Display

Operation results of each machine are graphically displayed.

Visualization of factory status.

Status can be displayed on smartphone or tablet.


monitor smartphone


monitor graph

Mazak Smooth Scheduler

Designed to prepare the optimum production plan for multiple machines and multiple machining operations.


smooth scheduler


  • Visualizing Production Floor
  • Reduction of in-process inventory
  • Quick and Accurate Response to Delivery Deadline
  • Improved Machine Utilization
Gantt-Chart Schedule

Visualization of production floor is by displaying the Gantt-Chart schedule.
Production plan up to several months in the future can be easily visualized as well as forecasting completion dates.
Additionally, the work load for each machine and the production processes are visualized.


Gantt Chart Schedule


The instructions for parts to be machined by in the factory are provided over the network.

The Smooth Scheduler status is updated by receiving a completion report each CNC unit and terminal device after machining completion.*

*Progress confirmation is performed from portable terminals, other PCs, etc., by installing the satellite software.


mazak smooth scheduler

Mazak Smooth CAM RS

Fast programming and simulation of the Mazatrol SmoothX and Mazatrol SmoothG CNC systems in an office using the same operation method as on the shop floor.


smooth cam rs


Easy Interference Check with Virtual Machining (3D program check)

Machine interference check for machines equipped with the Mazatrol SmoothX and Mazatrol SmoothG CNC systems can be performed in an office. Accurate interference checks and setup time reductions can be done for machines on the shop floor since the same machine data, tool data, machine parameters are utilized by the Smooth CAM RS.


integrex i 200st simulation

Integrex i-200ST; Machine Simulation


variaxis i 600 simulation

Variaxis i-600; Machine Simulation


Five-Axis Machining Program Simulation

Virtual machining for five-axis machining programs for machines equipped with the Mazatrol SmoothX CNC can be performed which provides fast work simulation and machine simulation.


cam 5x sim simulation

Five-Axis Machining; Work Simulation


Mazatrol Program Conversion

Mazatrol programs for the Mazatrol SmoothX and Mazatrol SmoothG CNC systems can be converted for use by earlier versions of the Mazatrol CNC. (There are some conversion limitations.)



Mazak CNC Machine Production Support Software

Upgrade your factory to a Smart Factory


mazak smooth process support software


The iSmart Factory concept has been established by utilizing the most advanced technology and software which was developed by our company in response to the increasing requirements for automation, labor efficiency, and the decreasing skill-levels of most machine operators. Mazak will provide effective manufacturing solutions to customers for their future facility investments.

mazak smooth process support