Mazak VTC-800/30 SDR

Vertical machining center for 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • NC rotary table supported on both ends allows simultaneous 5-axis machining of long workpieces
    VTC 800 30 SDR table
  • ±110°B-axis swivel head allows machining of any angle including vertical, horizontal and slanted surfaces
    VTC 800 30 SDR swivel head
  • 18000min-1(rpm)high output spindle for machining of aluminum to steel

Machine Specifications

Mazak VTC-800/30 SDR Values
Spindle Spindle Taper 40
Maximum Speed 18000 rpm
Motor Output (30 minute rating) 35 kw / 47.0 hp
Magazine Number of Tools 30
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 3000 mm / 118.10 in
Travel (Y Axis) 800 mm / 31.50 in
Travel (Z Axis) 720 mm / 28.35 in

Mazak Vertical Machining Centers

Mazak Vertical Machining Centers offer a wide range of specifications including the machine equipped with #40 spindle for high-speed cutting, and with #50 spindle for high-torque, heavy-duty cutting.

What is Vertical Machining?

Vertical Machining, also known as milling, relies on rotary cutters to remove metal from a workpiece. Vertical machining occurs on a vertical machining center (VMC), which employs a spindle with a vertical orientation. With a vertically oriented spindle, tools stick straight down from the tool holder, and often cut across the top of a workpiece.

The benefits of Mazak Vertical Machining Centers
  • 3-, 4- and 5-axis capabilities for infinite possibilities as to the part shapes you can process
  • Temperature stability through integral cooling
  • MX Hybrid Roller Guides provide durability and reliability for long-term accuracy
  • On-board probing for part location and feature inspection with the cutting cycle
  • User-friendly CNC controls simplify programming and increase productivity
  • Pallet changers that increase spindle utilization and reduce part cycle times


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