3D Printed Interior Components for Aerospace

3D-printed functional lightweight components with maximum flexibility in product design.

OS Additive Manufacturing enables aerospace companies to produce tailor-made, high-quality parts for cabin and cockpit equipment.

Air ducts for laminar flow 1 

Air ducts for laminar flow 2

Air ducts for laminar flow 3

Air ducts for laminar flow, Material: PA 2200 (Source: EOS)

Lightweight seat belt buckles 1

Lightweight seat belt buckles 2

Lightweight seat belt buckles, Material: EOS Titanium Ti64 (Source: 3T RPD Ltd/The SAVING Project (www.manufacturingthefuture.co.uk))


EOS Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions create new possibilities for aerospace companies producing cabin and cockpit equipment. Functional lightweight components such as lightweight belt buckles made of high-quality Ti64 titanium, air conditioning and heating elements made from robust plastics, cable ducts and loading systems as well as parts for catering and sanitary areas can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively using EOS laser sintering technology.

The EOS AM concept affords users maximum flexibility in product design and manufacturing. It enables just-in-time series production of modified parts, upgrades and spare parts, even in small production runs. This enables fast and profitable fulfilment of airline-specific individualisation requirements, such as VIP solutions, retrofits or designer interiors. Even one-off pieces do not cause added cost. This obviates the need and expense for the storage of numerous spare part versions. Using innovative EOS laser sintering equipment, aerospace companies can implement successful and sustainable strategies for the design and manufacture of cabin and cockpit equipment components.