Jewellery & Watches - EOS Additive Manufacturing Gives Jewellery and Watch Designers Maximum Freedom in Creation

It enables individual specimens and customized serial products to be manufactured cost-efficiently.

Design Icon

Design „Icon“: Lionel T. Dean, Future Factories; Material: 18-carat yellow gold (Source: CPM)

cufflinks on building platform immediately after manufacturing

Design: Digital Forming; Material: 18 ct yellow gold; cufflinks on building platform immediately after manufacturing; (Source CPM)

post processed and polished cufflinks

Design: Digital Forming; Material: 18 ct yellow gold; post-processed and polished cufflinks; (Source: CPM)


EOS has optimized its Additive Manufacturing with gold in collaboration with Cookson Precious Metals (CPM). Cookson is a leading European provider of precious metal products, supplying alloys, wire, sheet, tubing, coin blanks and casting grain in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The company is also a major precious metals refiner with London Bullion Market Association "Good Delivery" status.

Drawing on the digital data of CAD models, the EOS Direct Metal Laser Sintering system (DMLS) builds up the part layer by layer - without this process being visible in the finished product. The appearance created is entirely pure - indistinguishable from traditional goldsmith work. Unlike the latter however, Additive Manufacturing provides the option of reducing the quantity of material required. Thanks to the defined cavities, pieces can be produced more easily, economically and cost-efficiently.

Designers benefit from having complete freedom since Additive Manufacturing removes all shaping constraints. Even complex structures such as one-off interlocked or interwoven pieces can be produced in high-end quality. DLMS does not require tools, so it can be put to economical use both in manufacturing single items and for customized serial production.

Producing an item which has been designed using a CAD program is remarkably simple. DMLS draws on the digital data and a user-friendly software prepares the production process. This means that designers do not have to become technology experts to be able to benefit from the innovative advantages of Additive Manufacturing.