Customized Products

Additive Manufacturing from EOS requires no tools. It permits customized, batch-size-appropriate serial production.

Unlike conventional production processes, Additive Manufacturing (AM) from EOS does not require tools or moulds. This means that innovative technology is independent of batch sizes. Products can be digitally customized and produced cost efficiently in small numbers or even as one-off designs.

The British company Digital Forming uses these capabilities: It has developed an online platform that allows two or more users to work together on designing products. One user acts as lead designer in defining the parameters within which the product can be changed. The software ensures that the structural integrity and functionality of the final products are maintained.

On the one hand, the platform can be used to design products together. On the other hand, design-oriented companies can individualize their product series and use AM systems from EOS to manufacture in series. This makes customized design a possibility for everyone.

Another example of the benefits of AM is the cost-efficient production of patient-specific denture components. BEGO USA produces hundreds of denture units per week. It does so on the basis of digital CAD data. Dentists send in an open STL file of a patient's oral scan. After checking the data, BEGO USA produces the crown and delivers the replacement tooth – which is fully dense and without porosity – just 48 hours later.

This is made possible by a laser sintering system from EOS which builds up the crown or bridge layer-by-layer. BEGO USA succeeded in significantly increasing its productivity: While the traditional lost-wax technique limits production to about 20 units per day, the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) system can be scaled up to 450 crowns and bridges per day. In addition, the EOS technology is extremely precise: the accuracy of the units produced is within a tolerance of +/–20 μm. In addition, the high-quality replacement tooth produced in this way is durable, strong and of a consistently high quality.

Additive Manufacturing Customised Products

Designer luminaries produced with EOS Additive Manufacturing technology. Design: Assa Ashuach, Source: Digital Forming