EOS FORMIGA P 110 Velocis - Industrial 3D Printer for Plastic Parts

The benchmark for industrial 3D printing of polymer parts with outstanding quality — now 20% faster

EOS FORMIGA P 110 Velocis Industrial 3D Printer for Plastic Parts

The most successful industrial 3D printer is now up to 20% more productive thanks to new software and hardware features. Maintaining high reliability and FORMIGA quality, which set the standard in the market, the cost is more attractive than ever.

  • The system ensures reproducible part properties throughout the entire build volume: for every build job and for every machine.
  • The precise laser spot with a small focus diameter enables wall thicknesses of less than a half millimeter. The system reliably produces small, delicate parts with the highest surface quality.
  • With 9 commercial polymer materials and 10 combinations of materials/layer thicknesses, EOS is a benchmark in terms of material variety. The EOS ParameterEditor allows customized exposure parameters to be defined based on a proven baseline.
  • The spot pyrometer enables continuous and accurate temperature control.
  • The running costs are only consumed material and power. No hidden costs. No agents.
  • Innovations in temperature management and software control accelerate heating and recoating process significantly increasing productivity.
  • Parts are fully functional right after unpacking and depowdering. No further post-processing needed.


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Technical Data
EOS FORMIGA P 110 Velocis - Industrial 3D Printer for Plastic Parts
Building volume 200 x 250 x 330 (7.9 x 9.8 x 13 in)
Laser type CO2, 30 W
Building rate up to 1,2 l/h
Layer thickness (depending in material) 0,06 mm - 0,10 mm - 0,12 mm (0.0024 in - 0.0039 in - 0.0047 in)
Precision optics F-theta lens; high-speed-scanner Scan speed during building process up to 5 m/s (16.4 ft/s)
Power supply 16 A
Power consumption typical 3 kW; maximum 5 kW
System Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,320 x 1,067 x 2,204 mm (51.97 x 42.01 x 86.77 in)
Recommended installation space (W x D x H) min. 3.2 x 3.5 m x 3.0 m (126 x 138 x 118 in)
Weight approx. 600 kg (1.323 lb)
Software EOS ParameterEditor, EOS RP Tools, PSW 3.6
Material Alumide®, PA 1101, PA 1102 black, PA 2200®, PA 2201, PA 3200 GF, PrimeCast® 101,
PrimePart®ST, PA 2105
Optional accessoires Mixing station, unpacking and sieving station, blasting cabinet


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