EOS Plastic Materials for Additive Manufacturing

EOS embodies a high level of competence in materials and provides an extensive portfolio of highly developed plastics for Additive Manufacturing.

EOS' materials, systems, and process parameters are perfectly matched to each other. The portfolio provides the best materials for achieving the targeted property profiles for products. Moreover, EOS is constantly refining its high-tech materials on the basis of specific customer requirements.

The Additive Manufacturing of plastic products can make use of polyamides (PA), polystyrenes (PS), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), and polyaryletherketones (PAEK). EOS provides a comprehensive range of materials for the Additive Manufacturing process. Customized products can be manufactured to the highest quality.

We offer you end-to-end advice and support in your choice of materials. You can benefit from our many years of experience and our high-quality, extensively tested materials for achieving your design, development, and production targets.

  • Over twenty years of continuously refined competence in materials
  • Materials, systems, and process parameters perfectly matched to each other for the best possible results
  • Very high level of flexibility in design and development
  • Suitable materials provide the optimal properties for your product profiles
  • Whether mechanical strength, impact strength, thermal stability, dimensional stability, or biocompatibility – EOS materials embody the properties needed for most requirements.
  • With efficient production processes and high-tech materials, innovative parts can be produced cost effectively to the highest industrial standards 
Technical Data
Product class Product name Colour of lasersintered parts Main properties Typical applications
Polyamide 12    PA 2200  white  Multipurpose material
Balanced property profile 
Functional parts 
PrimePart® PLUS (PA 2221)  natural  Economical multipurpose material
Balanced property profile
Variety of certificates available (Biocompatibility, Food contact) 
Functional parts 
PA 2202 black anthracite black  Balanced property profile
Pigmented throughout 
Functional parts in anthracite black colour 
Polyamide 12, glass bead filled  PA 3200 GF  whitish  High stiffness
Wear resistance
Improved temperature performance 
Stiff housings
Parts with requirements on wear and abrasion
Parts used under elevated thermal conditions 
Polyamide 12, aluminium filled  Alumide®  metallic grey  Easy post-processing, good machinability
High temperature performance
Thermal conductivity (limited)
High stiffness 
Applications with metallic finish
Parts requiring machining
Parts with thermal loads 
Polyamide 12, carbon fibre reinforced  CarbonMide®  anthracite black  Extreme strength and stiffness
Thermal and limited electrical conductivity
Best strength / weight ratio 
Light and stiff functional parts
Metal replacement 
Polyamide 11   PA 1101  natural  High ductility and impact resistance
Otherwise balanced property profile (similar to PA 2200)
From renewable sources 
Functional parts requiring impact resistance
Parts with functional elements like film hinges 
PA 1102 black  black  Similar to typical applications for PA 1101
Additionally: black, mass-coloured applications, which remain black even under abrasive wear / scratching 
Similar to typical applications for PA 1101 Additionally: black, integrated colour
Through mass-colourisation suitable for scratch resistant parts 
For special applications
Polyamide 12  PA 2201 natural Multipurpose material
Material primarily for use in North America
Functional parts
PA 2105 light beige Highest dimensional accuracy
High surface quality and detail resolution
Polyamide 12, flame retardant  PA 2210 FR white Flame retardancy
Halogen-free material
Electric and electronics
PrimePart® FR (PA 2241 FR) white Economic flame-retardant material
Material certificates available (flammability)
TPE-A Polyetheramide- Block-Copolymer PrimePart® ST (PEBA 2301) white Rubber-like flexibility (Shore D ≈ 35)
No infiltration necessary
Damping devices, bumpers / cushions, gaskets / gasket seals, shoe sole elements
Polystyrene PrimeCast® 101 grey High dimensional accuracy
Low residual ash content (when burned)
Master patterns for investment casting
Master patterns for vacuum casting
Economical visual prototypes
Polyaryletherketone  EOS PEEK HP3  beige-brown  High-performance material
Excellent temperature performance, strength,
Stiffness and chemical resistance
Excellent wear resistance
Inherently flame retardant
Potentially biocompatible (component testing required) and sterilisable 
Metal replacement
Automotive and motorsports
Electric and electronics Medical
Polypropylen  EOS PP 1101  natural  Excellent chemical persistence
Suitable for continuous exposure to liquids 
Chemical reactors
Tanks and piping