Quality Assurance for Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Quality assurance for system, material and process serves central customer requirements.

Quality Assurance for Direct Metal Laser Sintering DMLS 

Consistent and repeatable part quality is essential for series production applications.

Process, system and material - the three technological elements of Additive Manufacturing have a direct influence on the quality of an additively manufactured component.

Thanks to the joint development and mutual adjustment of systems, materials and processes, EOS ultimately establishes the conditions for best possible part properties.

With quality control measures in all three areas this unique concept is a holistic approach to quality assurance in series production.

Process: checked and validated parameters
  • all process parameters (laser power, layer thickness etc.) which are necessary for achieving certain component characteristics are based on more than 20 years of experience and comprehensive series of tests
  • required product characteristics can be achieved through the respectively optimum combination of individual parameters
  • material data sheets provide a detailed description of the material characteristics which can be achieved on this basis
System: reliably meeting manufacturing standards
  • certified to ISO 9001 for the development and manufacturing, sales and service of systems and solutions for Additive Manufacturing using the laser sintering technology since 1998
  • EOS machine acceptance tests include a comprehensive check of all system components as well as defined reference parts - test criteria: mechanical properties, tensile strength, elongation at break, surface quality, part density
  • DIN and ISO standards are applied for tests
Material: guaranteed consistent quality of every material batch
  • EOS Oy branch in Turku/Finland for development, qualification and quality assurance of metal materials: Certified to ISO 9001 and to the Medical Products Law ISO 13485
  • with multi-dimensional quality management EOS guarantees reliable consistent quality for every material batch
  • examination of every batch for its correct chemical characteristics
  • check for consistent grain size distribution
  • reference build job: density cubes and tensile bars are manufactured and analyzed according to fixed criteria under standardized conditions
  • mill test certificate is included with each delivery
Quality in industrial 3D printing: A holistic approach