EOSTATE Base and EOSTATE Everywhere

EOSTATE - Key overview of all production-related data

As a quality assurance instrument, EOSTATE monitors the progress of the construction of multiple products across multiple interlinked laser sintering machines and provides an overview of production-related data. EOSTATE is a multifunctional tool for Additive Manufacturing (AM) with EOS systems. Status, control and reporting software can be used to monitor production on several interlinked systems at the same time. EOSTATE evaluates data saved on the machines, prepares it in a clear format and provides a key overview of all production-related information at all times.

EOSTATE is modular in structure and can be adapted flexibly to the different requirements of users and end customers. The basic version contains the Basic Module and EOSTATE can be extended to include the optional components Quality Assurance (QA), Controlling, Machine Park Management (MPM). These modules make processes transparent and therefore controllable.

The process software of a laser sinter machine continuously logs important process data in a database on the machine's computer. A Data Base Management System (DBMS) that runs on every machine computer manages this data. EOSTATE establishes a network connection to the DBMS and thus enables direct access to all data that logs the process software in the database.

EOSTATE filters this data according to the given criteria, manages, saves and exports machine data, creates statistics and enables extensive reporting. The software also allows a machine to be monitored by webcam.

EOSTATE Everywhere - Real-time Monitoring for your EOS Systems

EOSTATE Everywhere is the next step towards a user friendly machine park monitoring. Real-time information on Machine Park Status and access to current sensor values and pictures.