EOSTATE Monitoring Suite – Real-Time Monitoring for Industrial 3D Printing

Multi-monitoring tool for quality assurance and process development

Binding quality standards apply in many industries, and particularly in large-scale manufacturing for the aerospace sector. For that reason, reliable quality control and quality assurance systems for the innovative technology of industrial metal 3D printing are of huge significance.

With the EOSTATE monitoring suite EOS offers customers a modular, comprehensive hard- and software solution that captures all production- and quality-relevant data in real time. EOSTATE comprises four different monitoring modules: System and Laser, PowderBed, MeltPool and Exposure OT (optical tomography).


With EOSTATE Exposure OT, EOS is the only manufacturer of DMLS systems offering its customers a quality assurance tool that incorporates optical tomography. It enables complete build processes to be permanently monitored, resulting in high cost-cutting potential through non-destructive examination via CT scans.