Mazak Quick Turn 6T

Mazak Quick Turn 6T
Mazak Quick Turn 6T
Compact CNC turning center designed for small workpieces

High efficiency turning of compact chuck / shaft workpieces by 7.5HP spindle and 8-position drum turret.

Machine Specifications
Mazak Quick Turn 6T  Bed Length -
Capacity Maximum Machining Diameter 130 mm / 5.120 in
Maximum Bar Work Capacity 32 mm / 1.3 in
Main Spindle Chuck Size 5 in
Maximum Speed 7000 rpm
Motor Output (30 minute rating) 6 kw / 7.5 hp
Turret (Upper) Number of Tools 8
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 80 mm / 3.15 in
Travel (Z Axis) 200 mm / 7.87 in