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Machining a flap hinge on a Mazak Variaxis C-600

Watch a machining demonstration on the Mazak Variaxis C-600.

Application: Flap hinge   |   Material: SUS304   |   Size: Φ449.4 mm × 97 mm

Mazak Variaxis C-600 - Simultaneous 5-axis vertical machining center with next generation MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC

The Mazak Variaxis C-600 features a tilting rotary table rigidly supported on both ends to ensure high-speed, high-accuracy machining. A wide variety of spindle specifications, tool magazine capacities and coolant systems is available to meet a wide range of machining requirements.

This simultaneous 5-axis vertical machining center is designed to be easily integrated with automation systems thanks to the flat surface of the front of the machine and both front and side automatic door operation. The automatic side door allows the addition of robotic part-loading systems to the single-pallet/table machine configuration. The machine’s full front door opening gives outstanding, and ergonomical user access.

The next generation Mazatrol SmoothAi CNC, the industry’s first dedicated Multi-tasking and 5-axis CNC, provides advanced programming functions for approachable ease-of-use and repeatable high-accuracy performance.

The Mazatrol SmoothAi control represents the culmination of decades of research into machine connectivity, manufacturing automation and process optimisation. It provides access to a wide range of functions, from digital synchronisation made possible with Mazatrol Twins to artificial-intelligence-powered machining modules like Smooth Ai Spindle and Ai Thermal Shield.

Mazak Variaxis C-600 characteristics:
  • High-torque and high-speed spindle options for versatile performance in a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, nickel and titanium
  • Tool storage capacities including 30 (standard), 60, 90 and 120 (optional)
  • Automation-ready design includes options such as a 2-pallet changer, robotic loaders, and hydraulic/pneumatic jigs
  • Advanced MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC system