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Combined G-Code and Conversational Programming Strategies

Manufacturers’ part programming needs vary from one shop and industry segment to the next. So their machine tool CNC needs are different as well. Truly effective controls allow for the programming of complex to simple part geometries programed either in the front office or on the shop floor at the machine tool. G-code (EIA/ISO) and conversational types of part programming make this possible.

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OPEN MIND Releases hyperMILL 2020.1

Faster Programming, More Efficient Cutting.

Version 2020.1 of the hyperMILL CAD/CAM suite is now available. This software release provides additional user-friendliness for hyperMILL programmers. Enhancements are to programming tasks, and also to make machining quicker and simpler.

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Laser maintenance – the third but equally important factor in laser cutting machine choice

The increasing popularity of fiber laser cutting machines is being driven by three key criteria. Very often the focus is on the first two, namely running costs specifically electricity, and secondly the increased productivity with cutting times around 5-6 times faster when working with a thin sheet.

However the third key criteria, maintenance should be considered of equal importance. To understand what is involved, we will look at the differences between servicing a CO2 laser and a fiber laser machine.

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EOS pushing the boundaries of feasibility with Additive Manufacturing

The Hummingbird Project demonstrates all the advantages of additive manufacturing in a single component: complex geometries, lightweight construction and the integration of functions and components are possible. There are almost no limits in the way of design. See how industrial 3D printing technology changes the way of manufacturing.

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Seasons Greetings

In the spirit of the holiday season we would like to express our gratitude to our valued customers and suppliers for their continued support and would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

We hope you enjoy the following video and we look forward to working with you in 2020!

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Cost-effective, fast and reliable spindle repairs and rebuilds are best done by the original manufacturer

The spindle is the heart of a machine tool, and when it gives out, repair and rebuild can resuscitate it for continued service and productivity. But these are delicate operations, and they must be performed according to specific process procedures using the best equipment and replacement parts. Optimal results are achieved when the professionals who originally produced the spindle are the ones to repair and rebuild it.

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The three types of Mazak laser cutting machines

The market for sheet metal laser cutting machines has developed rapidly in recent years, with new types of machines being marketed by sheet metal laser cutting manufacturers, that are revolutionising the laser cutting process and the choices that users can make. When specifying machines, users have three choices, dependent upon their own specific requirements, namely the traditional CO2 sheet metal laser cutting machines; the next generation fibre laser cutters, and the revolutionary direct diode laser or DDL.

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Mazak Multi-Tasking machines - accomplish more with less

Multi-Tasking machine tool technology has revolutionized manufacturing and continues to play a critical role in today’s truly progressive machine shops. Besides the amazing gains in productivity, Multi-Tasking technology has catapulted machine shops, especially smaller ones, to levels where they can easily machine the most complex parts in the world and do so cost-effectively.

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Busting myths about Multi-Tasking

Despite the fact that Multi-Tasking technology has become increasingly common in machine shops around the world, many manufacturers still believe such machines are costly and a challenge to integrate into existing processes and automation. Where these myths arose remains a mystery, but the facts are easy to find, especially when discussing Mazak Multi-Tasking.

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Multi-Tasking with the Mazak Quick Turn series

Ever since the creation of the first all-metal lathe in 1751, manufacturers have depended on highly flexible and precise “mother machines,” the metal cutting equipment used to produce all other factory equipment. More than 200 years later, Mazak contributed to this effort with its Slant Turn 40 ATC Mill Center, which gave manufacturers the ability to mill and turn on a single machine platform. Today, Mazak offers a comprehensive range of solutions – the Five Levels of Multi-Tasking – designed to ensure that each manufacturer has an option that suits their unique needs.

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