Manufacturing Success Stories

Robots – more affordable than you think

With the state of the current global economy, the manufacturing industry has faced some of the toughest challenges in recent memory. With global machinery sales down significantly, declining exports, rising unemployment, coupled with increasing globalisation and cheap foreign imports, the Australian manufacturer can be excused for thinking the whole world is against him.

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Top 5 reasons to automate

There are many reasons why manufacturers and businesses choose to automate processes and production. here at John hart Automation & Robotics, we have identified five of the top reasons why you should automate today.

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Mazak Integrex i-200S for Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd

They’ve been manufacturing parts in Melbourne for over 23 years. Their business has remained strong while competitors have fallen and they have acquired many companies, expanding their own business and are in the process of modernising their Tullamarine workshop. Meet Amiga Engineering.

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Gear Design & Service

Gears are a massive part of everyday life and can be found in everything from large mining machines down to children’s toys. Gear Design & Service (GD&S) is a Melbourne based company that specialise in everything gear related. As Clayton Sanderson (Co-Owner) puts it, “if it doesn’t have teeth we don’t take it on.”

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Two Mazak Integrex machines for Austbore

Austbore is a large jobbing shop located in Mackay, Northern Queensland. They service the mining and resources industry and have done so successfully for over 20 years. The company originally started with only one machine have slowly expanded, now employing 35 full-time tradesman and host a variety of machines including manual and CNC borers, CNC milling machines, CNC lathes and two new Mazak Integrex CNC multi-tasking machines, which were purchased from John Hart within the last twelve months.

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Mazak Integrex J-200 for Firefly International

Against a background of a global mining industry boom to supply the insatiable Chinese and Indian markets, Australia has been well positioned with its vast resources. The flow on effect has been good for a select range of industries supplying this sector and those supplying the mining industry with pneumatic drilling and pumping equipment and related products to the mining industry have themselves enjoyed buoyant conditions.

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Deer Park Oil Tools

In an industry where the stakes are high, safety comes first. Deer Park Oil Tools talk about safety, quality and their new Mazak PowerMaster.

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Sutton Tools – A true model Citizen

Within Australia and around the globe, the name Sutton Tools is synonymous with quality engineering and cutting tools. With over 90 years of industry experience, Sutton Tools is a fourth generation family run business boasting four main production plants in Australia and New Zealand, and sales offices worldwide.

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Sharp Tooling – multi tasking at it’s best

Australian manufacturers need to be innovative to be competitive. There’s no such thing as cheap labour in this country. We need to maintain a sound understanding of new developments in CNC machining in order to maintain a competitive edge over imports, particularly with the Australian dollar so strong right now.

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Keeping ahead of the fleet with a Citizen M32 Type III

World leading sailing hardware manufacturer cuts cycle times with a Citizen M32 Type III.

Ronstan International Pty Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sailboat hardware and architectural rigging. As a company at the top of their game, they are certainly aware of the hard work and innovation required to remain there.

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Breaking new ground in the treatment of broken bones with Mazak

Mazak multi-tasking technology helps improve quality of life, and productivity.

In an industry heavily dominated by wealthy American and European manufacturing companies, one Australian owned manufacturer, Adelaide based Austofix, is leading the way in the development and distribution of medical devices for the treatment of orthopaedic trauma and osteoporosis.

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Revving up production with a Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250MSY-II

Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250MSY-II nets great production improvements for local manufacturer.

Long time customer of John Hart and Mazak, Redline Engineering in Moorabbin (VIC), are local leaders in the prototyping and manufacture of high quality, cost effective repetition components for the automotive, medical, mining, defence, fire protection and public transport industries.

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