hyperCAD-S in Images

Practical analytical functions

hyperCAD S Analyse

The analytical functions allow draft areas and highly complex geometries to be located quickly and reliably. This makes it possible to assess the quality of a given component immediately.


Standard preparation for milling

hyperCAD S Fraesvorbereitung

It is easy to create frequently required building, extension, machining and stop faces in a structured manner. This is also the case with trim and guide curves as well as construction aids, planes and axis systems.


Planar and non-planar fill faces

hyperCAD S Fuellflaechen

Faces that are to be filled can be automatically closed – at face edges as well.


Keyword navigation

hyperCAD S TAGs

Graphic elements can be linked using tags, similar to keywords. This makes it easy to filter all of the information about the CAD model. For example: ‘all faces with a radius of 2 and 20 mm’.