Powder Bed 3D Printing

Post process Machining with hyperMILL – Perfect Precision for Additively Printed Components

In order to machine additive components that are truly 100 percent precise, each one has to be post-processed on machine tools. The most efficient, secure way of doing this is with hyperMILL.

3d printed part

In order to transform 3D printed parts into precision and functional components, these need to be post-processed – for example, remove support structures or to finish precision features. 5-axis machining represents the perfect solution for bringing the required precision to complex additive components. As a key component in the process chain, hyperMILL CAD/CAM system supports users in making post-process machining highly flexible and ensures that they can be machined reliably. Component and stock data can be imported, and the required process steps are precisely carried out. Our extensive expertise in milling technology also grants users the additional security of being able to carry out even the most complex post-process machining steps for hard-to-reach component areas with ease.

peb concept



First, the printed component is carefully analyzed so that the subsequent processes can be better estimated. To facilitate analysis, the component and the print stock data are uploaded into CAD system.

analyse 3d print part


The clamping setup can be derived based on the print stock data. As such, the later clamping position can be mapped true-to-detail in the CAD system and used for later collision checks. All machining steps for CAD preparation and CAM programming are stored in one single file.

preparation 3d print part

Position identification

Since printed components do not have precision features, precise positioning is typically difficult. We have the solution: The different probing strategies in hyperMILL precisely measure and perfectly define component position.

position 3d print part

Post-process machining

hyperMILL also efficiently secures the machining of hard-to-reach areas and features. Collision checks and collision avoidance ensure an extremely high level of process reliability as far as this is concerned. Additionally, our proven 5-axis strategies make follow-up work much easier.

post processing 3d print part


hyperMILL is also indispensable when it comes to the final check of precision features: Our solution includes probing strategies that can be used to review whether post-process parts actually fully correspond to quality requirements.

check 3d print part