hyperMILL Macros

The tool that reduces programming times even further!

Intelligent macros.

A macro is a defined sequence of machining steps comprising tools and technology data for characteristic geometries – so-called features. Together with the highly developed feature technology in hyperMILL, macros offer the potential of reducing programming time. Macros link machining strategies and tools for machining features. They can be saved and called up in the macro database at any time. Macros can be assigned to a feature with a click of the mouse, thereby saving a great deal of time when generating programs.

Thanks to intelligent macros, users can save predefined rules and conditions for every stage of the machining process. hyperMILL automatically assigns and adjusts the job steps to the corresponding geometry based on these rules and depending on geometry information such as diameter, depth, open or closed pockets. Once the required machining sequences have been generated, programming of parts will be generated automatically. Using intelligent macros is very easy because users define the rules in plain language.

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