Five Levels of Multi-Tasking

Multi-Tasking machines are extremely effective because of their ability to mill and turn part features with high accuracy and high quality, while cutting down on the number of machines required in a manufacturing facility and reducing labour cost per part.

Mazak offer a wide and diverse selection of Multi-Tasking machines with differing capabilities. Whether you are producing small parts with unit cycle times of under a minute, or large, complex components that require a full week of machining, Mazak have a solution to boost your efficiency, flexibility and productivity.

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Australian spine surgery innovation enabled by EOS Additive Manufacturing Systems

The cost of treating lower back pain in the United States has been estimated at $90 billion per year in 2008 with a further $10-20 billion in costs due to loss of productivity. A significant portion of the expense is attributable to spinal fusion surgery.

Melbourne based company Anatomics, seeks to improve the efficiency of fusion surgery by reducing the manufacturing and supply cost of equipment and optimising the workflow within surgery without compromising clinical outcomes.

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Losma Air and Coolant Filtration for Machine Tools

John Hart is Losma’s Australian sales partner for their range of machine tool filtration systems.

Losma has been designing and building filtration systems for machine tools since 1974 and is certified to ISO 9001:2008. It is the only company to offer a truly comprehensive service to resolve all contamination problems in the industrial workplace and it is the only one with consolidated know-how of both oil mist collection and liquid coolant filtration.

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G&O Kert - taking the hard work out of accuracy, speed and repeatability

G&O Kert Pty Ltd was established in 1974 by George and Olympia Kert. The company purchased their first CNC machine tool in 1994 and it was a new Mazak Quick Turn 15 lathe. By 2008 the total number of Mazaks at the company had grown to 9 machines. Ian Melville bought the company in 2008. He was an employee at the time he made the purchase, after having worked there for 16 years. Ian has since grown the company to a fleet of 14 Mazak CNC machines.

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QPE advances their world class machining capability

QPE Advanced Machining, located in Adelaide South Australia, specialises in precision machined parts and assemblies for industries including aerospace, defence, medical, electronics, mining, and renewable energy. QPE provides quality assured production incorporating processes for CNC machining, assembly, inspection, validation and traceability.

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What you need to know about Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots, or cobots, have been creating a buzz in the automation world in recent years. Many believe there’s just one solution for a collaborative robot system – that being a specialized non-industrial robot. The good news is there’s actually a variety of options to achieve a collaborative system. In fact, most traditional robots can become “collaborative” with extra safety devices and proper integration. Let’s examine options for collaborative robot operations.

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