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Siemens 3D Printed Gas Turbine Blades

The collaboration between Siemens, Material Solutions and EOS demonstrates that 3D metal printing is a reliable and proven technology viable even for “moving” applications, without any compromise. In focus: developing a new turbine blade. The part was developed together with Siemens NX, built on EOS systems and produced by Material Solutions.

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Why Multi-Tasking?

Multi-Tasking adds efficiency to every aspect of manufacturing production. Because it enables start-to-finish production of parts that require a multi-axis approach to multiple processes, it cuts production lead times and part costs by eliminating, in many cases, the need for multiple clampings and multiple machines. That same single-setup ease and convenience also increases machining accuracy and part quality because parts stay on one machine rather than moving from one machine to the next involving numerous part setups.

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What to consider with a tube laser

Tube and pipe fabrication has found a growth in applications with continued advancements in tube technology. Tube lasers continue to get faster while also processing an increased range of materials types and shapes. While fabrication often focuses on flat sheeting material processing, tube and pipe fabrication is also a major player. Here is a quick start guide for what to think about with tube and pipe laser-cutting.

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hyperMILL CAM Software Aids NASA's Knowledge Quest

Mission Discovers 1st World with Two Stars.

OPEN MIND Technologies, a leading developer of CAD/CAM software solutions worldwide, has announced that Ramco Machine, LLC (Rowley, MA U.S.A) is helping to impact the future of space exploration by using hyperMILL CAM software and 5-axis machining to make parts for an advanced NASA satellite mission.

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Get more DONE IN ONE with Mazak Multi-Tasking

With high-mix/low-volume production, just-in-time inventories and increasingly demanding customers, manufacturers require the single-setup efficiency of Multi-Tasking – and for the industry’s widest range of capabilities, manufacturers go with the Multi-Tasking pioneers at Mazak.

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hyperMILL 2020.1 New Functions

hyperMILL 2020.1 offers many innovations in all areas. General improvements in the new version increase usability and the performance of programming.

Watch the following videos to find out more about the new functions in hyperMill 2020.1

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CNC Machine Tool Automation: fast, simple and Agile

The right type of automation delivers substantial benefits for manufacturers. The ability to increase spindle utilization and boost output of both people and CNC machine tools are the most obvious benefits. Additional benefits include improved part accuracy and consistency, reductions in human error and the potential for lights out production.

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John Hart's COVID-19 Plan

John Hart Pty Ltd is continuing with “normal” operations during this challenging time. Although we expect some business disruption, we will do our utmost to provide the same level of world class service and support our customers always rely on.

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Combined G-Code and Conversational Programming Strategies

Manufacturers’ part programming needs vary from one shop and industry segment to the next. So their machine tool CNC needs are different as well. Truly effective controls allow for the programming of complex to simple part geometries programed either in the front office or on the shop floor at the machine tool. G-code (EIA/ISO) and conversational types of part programming make this possible.

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