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Mazak Solid Mazatrol programs in a matter of minutes

Mazak has added Solid Mazatrol to the Mazatrol SmoothAi CNC controller to make programming easier and faster. Here's a look at how it works.

With an eye on machining automation and process optimisation, many manufacturers turn to industrial robots and pallet stocker systems to achieve higher productivity. Less conspicuous alongside these hardware solutions, but just as important to consider, are new software solutions such as Mazak’s Solid Mazatrol.

Although developments in the area of machinery are far from coming to a halt, according to Mazak, there are many innovations to be found in software.

Manufacturers can achieve higher productivity by investing in automation as well as digitalisation. The goal is to have spindles running 24/7. Only then is a real productivity improvement possible.

Mazak's SmoothAi is one of those solutions. The CNC technology can use data and artificial intelligence to help manufacturers solve common problems. These include the shortage of people and skills, the increasingly rapid introduction of new products and maintaining product quality, productivity and profitability.

The Mazatrol SmoothAi CNC can help solve skills shortages with Solid Mazatrol. Mazak has developed this feature to simplify and speed up the programming of relatively complex workpieces.

With Solid Mazatrol, programmes can be automatically generated from 3D models, using artificial intelligence to intuitively learn and understand the cutting strategies used by the manufacturer. This can reduce programming time by as much as 90%.

Users can programme a product from a Solid or a STEP file In just five steps. Solid Mazatrol guides the user through the various steps in a user-friendly manner.

Additionally, Solid Mazatrol is self-learning. For instance, if the software chooses drilling first and then facemilling, but the programmer prefers milling first and then drilling, the software adopts that strategy for the next time. In this way, programming becomes increasingly efficient.

Solid Mazatrol