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Heavy-duty Mazak for Boyne Smelters Limited

Australia’s second largest aluminium smelter, Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL) has invested in a Mazak MTV-655/60.

Mazak MTV 655 60 delivery for Boyne Smelters

Designed with quality, efficiency, ease of operation and safety in mind, the Mazak MTV-655/60 features a high-torque spindle and high-rigidity machine construction ideal for heavy-duty machining.

This vertical machining center is equipped with a robust #50 taper spindle that provides a top speed of 6000 rpm, 25 hp, and maximum torque of 759Nm to deliver high efficiency machining of parts from a wide variety of materials. Plus, the column-feed machine design with wide machining area makes this machine easy and safe to operate.

Part of the MTV Series, which includes machines in a range of sizes and capacities, the Mazak MTV-655/60 handles parts up to 1,500mm x 650mm x 650mm and weighing up to 2,000kg.

The addition of the MAZATROL SmoothG CNC and its innovative programming, performance and monitoring functions, as well as the ability to use both EIA/ISO and conversational programming brings optimal speed and accuracy to complex part production.

Located at Boyne Island in Central Queensland, BSL has been operating since 1982 in activities including manufacturing carbon anodes in the carbon plant, aluminium production (smelting) in reduction lines, and casting of molten metal into aluminium products ready to ship.

The smelter is adjacent to, and connected via a conveyor belt, to the Queensland Alumina Limited Refinery for the supply of alumina.

BSL contributes to the circular economy by recycling, reusing, and reducing waste and retaining value. For example, BSL recycles around 156 million aluminium cans every year and are Australia’s largest aluminium can recycling facility.

Mazak MTV 655 60 installation for Boyne Smelters

Boyne Smelters Mazak MTV 655 60