Mazatec Smart Manufacturing System

Mazak Smart Manufacturing System (SMS) with Large Capacity Pallet Stocker

mazatec sms 

  • Maximum 16 machines, 8 setup stations, 240 pallets
  • Flexible system length and height layout
  • Maximum 6 types of stocker sizes available to meet your production requirements
  • Stocker crane for high speed loading / unloading
  • Loading/unloading station for material pallets also available.
  • Loading station allows access from two directions and area sensor for safety
  • Smooth PMC controller for convenient machining management
  • System integration with ERP available
  • Software for integration with other computer network available upon request.
Smooth PMC controller machining management system

Production data and status can be monitored using the Smooth PMC controller management system. Fixture pallet synchronized with material pallet at loading station also available.

smooth pmc controller