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Mazak FJV 5 Face-60/80 machining demonstration

The Mazak FJV 5 Face-60/80 eliminates setup changes and enables process integration.

Application: Industrial machine component   |   Material: JIS S45C   |   Size: 700 x 500 x 150 mm

Mazak FJV 5 Face-60/80

The Mazak FJV 5 Face-60/80 double column machining center can machine workpieces in a small space that would usually be machined on a large 5-face machining center.

The FJV series is Yamazaki Mazak's best-selling double column machining center series.

5-face high-accuracy, high-productivity double column machining center for high efficiency machining of large workpieces

Thanks to the integral spindle/motor, vibration is minimized during high speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finishes and maximum tool life.

The Mazak angle head is tightly clamped by the unique Mazak 4 hydraulic clamping units on the spindle housing surface. The angle head can be indexed to 4 positions, every 90°, to minimize the number of required tools.

In addition, the dedicated angle tool magazine has a storage capacity of 8 tools, as a result, multiple angle tools are not required.

Machine Description:

High-precision, high-productivity, double-column vertical machining center with an automatic tool changer. Machines all five faces of a workpiece in a single setup. Machining time is considerably reduced when compared to multiple-setup processing. MAZATROL CNC controls simplify programming for multi-surface machining.

Its special design ensures extremely high-precision machining over extended periods of operation by eliminating the spindle overhang seen in C-frame vertical machining center design. Furthermore, the machine's ergonomic design ensures convenient loading/unloading of large workpieces and overall ease of operation.

Machine Characteristics:
  • Spacious work table
  • Powerful high-speed spindle
  • High accuracy
  • Fast rapid traverse rate
  • Rigid construction
  • Completely covered machining area for chip containment