Fanuc M-710iC/50T Toploader Robot

Top mount multipurpose robot

This innovative series of lightweight robots features a slim wrist, rigid arm and small footprint. High axis speeds make it extremely fast. Capable of handling 50 kg, the top mount Fanuc M-710iC/50T robot is the lightest model in the range. Offering an array of mounting options, it saves space and benefits from extremely good repeatability.

Fanuc M-710iC/50T Toploader Robot

Top speed and motion performance

High speed axes, accurate and robust purpose build reducers and motors provide the M-710 with excellent performance and unparalleled reliability and repeatability (± 0.07 mm).

Robot specifications
Fanuc M-710iC/50T Toploader Robot
Controlled Axes 6
MaxLoad Capacity At Wrist [kg] 50
Repeatability [mm] 0.07
Mechanical Weight [kg] 410
Reach [mm] 1900
Motion Range [°]      J1 1
J2 261
J3 491
J4 720
J5 250
J6 720
Maximum Speed [°/s]      J1 1
J2 175
J3 175
J4 250
J5 250
J6 355
J4 Moment / Inertia (Nm / kgm2) 206 / 28
J5 Moment / Inertia (Nm / kgm2) 206 / 28
J6 Moment / Inertia (Nm / kgm2) 127 / 11
Mounting Method Sideslung, Underslung


Put it on top

Top mount robots are rail-mounted at 90° or reverse on a linear axis, making them ideal for environments with reduced floor space and ceiling height restrictions.

Services multiple machines

One robot can service multiple vertical and/or horizontal machines to reduce your investment costs.

Faster motor for rail axis

The advanced Fanuc αiS30/3000 motor offers higher torque and better acceleration for even faster cycle times compared with the standard motor.