Fanuc iPendant Touch

The Fanuc R30iB iPendant touch combines user-friendly operation with speed and energy efficiency

In addition to its ergonomic design and large colour touch screen, it contains function keys to control the seventh and eighth axes. One or two windows can be displayed on the monitor, the latter option improving the functionality of the multi-tasking feature. The monitor also displays 3D graphics, making program steps much easier for the operator compared to 2D. These isometric views are exclusive to the R30iB.

Touch screen as standard

Fanuc iPendant Touch

The lightweight and ergonomically designed FANUC iPendant Touch with its intuitive graphic user interface provides user-friendly programming for both programmers and on-site operators.

Intelligent Fanuc iPendant Touch

Customisable screens

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Define and create your own HTML screens using iPendant’s customisation functionality.

Smart functions for easy operation

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  • graphical iPendant Editor
  • time saving direct access to two additional axes using new jog keys
  • direct switch between motion groups using key
  • multi-window display provides more information
  • easy setup/modification of iRVision via iPendant
  • USB connection for memory stick or mouse
4D modelling

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Highly realistic 4D graphics bring tool and frame settings, safety zones and robot paths to life.

Node maps

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Visual representation of motion paths and program points along a node map makes understanding the robot’s path easy.

Safer and faster

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The iPendant’s 3D graphic display saves you time when setting up and modifying Dual Check Safety zones.

Visual Jog

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Confirms direction and distance of jogging quickly and conveniently using the 3D model.